I like to build things.

For the longest time I called myself a programmer or a businessman. But in the last year I actually verbalized and internalized it the right way. I like to build things.

I was born in Jamaica, then moved to the USA and now live in Asia.

I absolutely love change. My life is all about completely changing things every few years. And the pace of my personal change is growing faster and faster each year.

I try to learn something very significant every year. A new computer language did it in the past. But now its entering a new kind of business. Or building something that is non-digital.

Regardless, I love programming. I’ve been coding since 1985. Starting with BASIC and now ending up with Elixir. I’m a full stack engineer with a bent for conceptualizing, gathering a team and making things real that customers can use. In other words, an architect.

Finally, I’m also a dad. I love to teach and my kid is growing up helping me build things as well.

Interested in collaborating on something? Email me: eric@biznitos.com