Is computer programming better than history?

Is computer programming better than history?

A history degree is good if you want to be a history teacher or if you just want any "job" that only requires having a degree -- any degree to get it.

Computer programming is hard.

But you will get great pay and its easy to get and keep high paying jobs for the duration of a programming career. Which proves, the things that are most rewarding are usually the hardest.

If you don't want to work hard, or programming is not appealing, or if you just want to get some other job, then go for history. You will have a fun time in college and get to talk with the professor about great moments of the past. Then carefully plan out your teaching career. You will definitely get a job as a teacher eventually.

However, don't get student loans to get a history degree.

Have fun in your career, no matter what you plan to do eventually.

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