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On United Airways plan to resume service Internationally

3 years ago

And masks!

As much as I want my friends and family to come visit me here -- i'm very very wary of Americans being allowed to land in Asia at this time. It completely drives me crazy that Americans are so divided about masks.

(American here currently in South-East Asia since 2018). As you all know, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and others have some of the lowest rates of Covid in the world.

No one complains about the masks. No one makes a political issue out of it. It's simple -- you can't go into the majority of stores, shopping centers, offices or buildings in any of the cities in these countries.

No Karens. No viral videos about people not wanting to wear (or wanting to wear) masks. And the resurgence of Covid-19 is enough to cause the governments to be super-cautious again.

People wear them. Cute kids wear them. Old and young people. And we are safe. Very few if any infections or deaths over the last 3 months.

Because of the control of the spread, people are more relaxed outdoors and mask use outdoors is around 65% at this point just from looking around.

No Covid-19. Enough. About. The. Masks. Already. Wear one. Protect your fellow humans.


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