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Improving programming skills in 30 days?

3 years ago

My boss is giving me one month to improve my programming skills. If I can't, he will let me go. What should I do? I am a junior back end developer and mainly working on Python Flask.

As someone who has had to hire and fire junior developers I can tell you this guy’s boss has probably given him plenty of chances.

For the OP to complain about improving his skills in a month - I can immediately tell what kind of programmer this is.

One who is not obsessed with coding.

One who sees it just as a 9–5

One who sees it as just a way to earn a salary

One who does not see a need to learn more after leaving college.

Programmers who don't have side projects have a very short time in my shop. Not having a side project — even for fun — means no chance to experiment and learn. It means the developer has no intention to grow as a programmer.

I've come across two kinds of programmers - those with side projects that enhance their skills and those without.

These days I'll only hire the former.

To the OP. Start something on the side using the same stack you use at work. You'll find a month is maybe just the right time to get up to speed.

What can you lose in 30 days of immersing yourself in things?

Make your career one of your priorities instead of not one of them.

You'll be surprised at what you can achieve.


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