Ericson Smith

The protests have failed, so what's next?

3 years ago

The protests have failed, so what's next?

The Black Lives Matter and police violence protests have failed. What's next? What should have been done instead?

The protests failed. What's next?

The protests have fizzled out. Except for a few die-hards still out there.

And what has happened?

Trump might even get elected again.

Because real change starts at home. Make a budget. Spend less than you earn. Stop getting into debt. Teach your children the same. MAKE (not help) them make good choices.

By the time the "system" gets into play for you, it's already too late.

If you get your house in order, then you won't even care who is president in November. Because it won't affect you in a significant way.

You will be un-blackmailable.

Fix your own house first. Make the next generation you're responsible for better.

Only then, will your voice have power in future protests.


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