Your beliefs are not important

What you "believe" is only worth as much as a roll of toilet paper in the current crisis. In other words, not as much as you think.

Do you actually live your daily life according to your stated beliefs?

If you're attending a climate change protest, are you doing things in your life to help fix the problem every day, or are you using your belief as a cudgel to shout down someone else?

Are you a feminist protesting the patriarchy, or are you actually helping women near you learn about business, finance and having more effective lives with or without men?

Are you protesting a politician because you "believe" they do not stand for your belief, or are you actually living the things you believe and not caring what a politician stands for?

See, that closely held belief ain't worth the thing that you use toilet paper to wipe -- unless you're living it every day.

If you stop to ask someone why they believe. Or examine their life to see if they actually live their beliefs every day -- generally you will come away disappointed.

Don't be one of those people.

Spend time on the beliefs that you can actually practice, instead of the ones that you can preach.

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