Learning video editing

Q: I am going to start my YouTube channel, my main concern right now is editing, should I learn it through YouTube tutorials or I should go to a local academy where they can give me one on one session on Adobe premiere?

This is what concerns me about some people.

Download the damned program and start learning tonight!
Not next week.
Not waiting to signup for a local academy.

Download it. Play around. Record a test video. Put it in the program. Look at some youtube programs. And find the online help for the program you’re using, which, in great detail, will tell you exactly how to do everything.

By even thinking about going to a local academy, it means you are suffering from analysis paralysis, which means you will probably never start your youtube channel.

Your first video will suck. Badly.

But the next one will be better, and the one after that and so on.

Start the channel today. Record a video, trim it and upload it and stop dithering around with your noodle :-)


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