How can I know if programming is the right career for me?

How can I know if programming is the right career for me? I just finished a 6-month boot camp and I am already really unmotivated to keep learning. Is this a bad sign?

Are you motivated to learn other things? Or is it just programming?

The problem with the world today is that we’ve forgotten about immersing ourselves into anything.

There are too many distractions: “I’m tired - let me just watch Youtube instead”. Then that rabbit hole lasts the rest of the night.

Most of the things we love actually are things we start out not liking. But when you immerse yourself into something, you get to understand it and even if you do not love it, you can actually get really, really good at it.

Stop doing things based on your feeling and emotions.

Start doing things based on practicalities, not feelings.

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