How do I turn my passion for programming into a career?

I'm a hobbyist programmer. How do I turn my passion for programming and programming languages into a career that allows me to work remotely from home?

Your passion is useless until you can get the skills of actually completing something.

Long term, people get money for their ability to start and complete things, not necessarily for a particular skill in a programming language.

So how do you get that skill without experience?

Simple, make the experience yourself. Build some small but real online projects that others can use. Using the languages and systems of your choice.

Then advertise that fact on your resume or online profile page, you can also add it on your social media accounts. But you do actually need to have your own web page for yourself.

This is almost always guaranteed to get you a job or some clients.

Just imagine looking for clients or a job with nothing to show except the claim that you can “program in python”.

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