Is 2020 the year to learn code?

2020 is not the year to learn how to code. 2020 is the year to learn how to write. To copywrite.

People read your words first. These convince them what to do.

Coding is just a background thing that’s used to present your words. Copywriting is the most valuable skill in 2020.

In the age of Covid we see the ability to convince people to buy your goods and services to be the most important skill. Once again, your words are gonna be used in web pages, emails, text messages and so on.

I firmly believe that programming is just the start. And that copywriting will lift you up from where you are as just a “programmer”, into someone who actually makes money online.

Just think about it. The titles and descriptions you read on Amazon when you buy the next bottle of vitamins, is what makes you chose that product.

The title and description of this question and answer and the Youtube video that it becomes will determine if you find and read or watch it.

So its good to learn some programming for sure, but copywriting is kind. Learn it.

  1. What will you say to someone that has been learning how to code for 5 years but yet still struggling with it?
  2. Which programming languages do you think will be worth learning in 2021?
  3. Did anybody learn a programming language at the age of 50?
  4. How do programmers last working for a company for 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years?
  5. Is Elixir worth learning even though it has so few job opportunities?
  6. What coding skills are in demand?
  7. I’m willing to make a project for my final year. What project (related to Python) should I make to achieve a good grade?
  8. Does being an entrepreneur require you to be a good programmer or good at coding?