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Why do humans like bacon?

3 years ago

Why do humans like bacon?

Pork is fascinating. From the endless religions prohibitions, to the millennial hipsters interest in cooking bacon just the right way. Why is pork so polarizing? But even more interesting, why do humans love the taste so much?

I've always though about this conundrum. And the answer it seems is simple. Something deep inside of us tells us that there is something familiar about this meat.

It turns out that pork, out of all the other animals, has the greatest anatomical and chemical similarity to humans. Even machines that are wired to identify things by taste, mistake humans for pork.

And people who have actually tasted human meat (gah!), tell the tale of it tasting more like pork.

So imagine the crisp tasty smell of bacon in the morning mixing with the smell of coffee. That part deep in our brain that we often want to ignore -- the lizard brain -- knows better.

We like to eat each other.


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