Teaching sucks

Here's why the distance learning is the way of the future.

Most teachers suck. Hard. That's not even debatable. But the teachers that are very good are so good that successful people always remember them by name decades later.

(Yes, I was a teacher -- and I sucked)

With the bug shutting down classrooms at all levels, the teachers who are going to succeed in the future are the ones that can put together effective online lessons.

Because even after the virus reduces, people are going to be asking themselves about the need for the classroom or college experience. Humans are social creatures, but I can't see us just going back to a dumb classroom 100% of the time.

Instead, efficient distance learning will get a boost. We will start to design better online-style lessons. Because Zoom classrooms are the same as in-style classrooms -- largely ineffective.

And parents will have to start taking more responsibility for their children's education.

My biggest hope is that people stop getting useless degrees for huge student loans and this part of the industry dies out in a decade or less.

I think that 2 hours per day of good distance learning can be hundreds of times more efficient than 8 hours of boring classroom teaching.

Prove me wrong.

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